Virtual Office

Office Express Corp offers you the opportunity to grow your business in many fields by providing you a physical commercial address and phone number in the U.S. We become partner of our members by answering phone calls, receiving and sending messages and most important taking care of the mails and packages under the member’s business name.

Legal Company Constitution

Creating a U.S. company with physical address in Miami. Office Express guides you in the process of opening your business. We offer all the required services, counseling and management by the U.S. law in order to create the best company that fit your needs. To know more about the different type of companies you can create please click here.

Virtual Office Service

Phone Number Personalized: We can assign you a phone number exclusively for you or your business in U.S.

Receptionist: Our receptionist may answer your calls under your company name and suddenly may transfer them to any movil and LAN phone of your desire, keeping you connected at all times while you are anywhere in the world.

Notification on missed calls: At the moment of a call that you or your business is not able to attend, we will take the message and forward it to your email.

Calls transfer to multiple extensions: You will have the option to transfer calls to different departments of your business at anytime.

Personalized greetings: According to your instructions we are able to record the name of your company in an automated voice service. Basically, when your customers call to your assigned number they will listen your company name follow by the company directory as well.

Voicemail recorded to your email.

Fax receiving sent to your email.

24 hour a day and 365 days of the year, automated receptionist.

Commercial Address provided.

Reception, storage and forwarding of your mail and documentation.

Accounting Services

Our accounting staff is highly certified to provide our members with excellent counseling services. They closely work with our members and customers to guide them in their businesses goals no matter what fields they have established their companies.

Frequently our accounting staff meets with our members to keep track on their transactions and many more.

Our accountants offer the following services

  • Creation of new companies.
  • Business counseling.
  • Accounting.
  • Taxes declaration.
  • Continuation of established businesses plans.
  • Others.

Schedule an appointment with us, so we can guide you better in your company management.

Membership Plans for Virtual Office

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Physical Address in U.S.
(Miami, Florida)
Reception, storage and forwarding
of mail and documentation
Pick up mail and documentation
directly from our facilities
  X X
Phone number personalized   X X
Call forward to your extensions   X X
Automated greeting with
your company name
  X X
Call forward to multiples extensions   X X
Voicemail sent
to your email
  X X
Fax and scanned docs
forward to your email
  X X
Reenvio de faxes y documentos
escaneados vía email
  X X
24 hour a day and 365 days of the year
, automated receptionist
Notification of missed calls
sent to your email